What You Didn’t Learn in Dental School

Dentists must wear two hats – as healthcare providers, and business owners

My fellow dentists, I hear you. You want answers about how to grow practice revenue and don’t know where to look. Dental websites and magazines focus on the clinical. Many marketing experts don’t seem to understand the business of dentistry. Practice management systems can be elaborate and expensive. Dentistry school prepared you to provide the best possible care for your patients; it didn’t really provide guidance on running a successful practice.

A Dentist’s Role Goes Beyond Providing Quality Patient Care

One common misconception I have experienced myself and through conversations with other dentists – Your dental practice is both a practice, and a business.

If you own your own practice, to insist on being just a dentist can often open the door to falling profits and stagnant growth. Remember the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? There’s a lot of truth to it, particularly when talking about your business. Preventing revenue drain by increasing new patient flow, improving case acceptance and tightening recall is as important as regular brushing, flossing and prophies. You would never advise that a patient skip those things, but you’re essentially doing the same thing if you refuse to acknowledge that part of your job requires the selling of dental services and leading your practice in the direction of sustained profitability.

A Simple Solution for Dental Practice Owners

Having faced this very problem myself, I know the frustration you’re feeling. I know the desperate feeling that can arise when your practice falls into the red for yet another month. That is how I came to I create Quality Dental Plan (QDP)—a turnkey marketing system that provides powerful growth with minimal impact on your life and practice.

Think of QDP as a partner that enhances your practice through increased revenue, case acceptance and recall. It helps you meet the demands of practice management while allowing you the time to focus on what you do best – providing the best possible oral health care to your patients, and to your community.