What Doctors are Saying about Quality Dental Plan

Fellow dentists share their experiences after implementing QDP in their practices

Many doctors and offices interested in Quality Dental Plan (QDP) have asked me, “How is QDP working for other offices?” and “What are other docs saying about it?”

How to help patients without insurance!

Growing your practice with Quality Dental Plan

“We looked hard and long for a plan similar to QDP and once we learned about QDP, we knew we had found what we were looking for!  Looking for a way to reduce our dependence on insurance companies and we know that this is it! QDP is easy to implement and simple for patients to understand, but most of all, my team was 100% behind the plan for our patients.  A million thank you’s, Dr. Marut!  This is a real winner for dentists to make a huge improvement in their practices!” – Steffany Mohan, DDS – West Des Moines, IA

“Thank you for the info– everything is very well planned out and I guess I was not expecting you to help us with this level of detail. We are all very excited!”
Dr. Austin Brown – Louisville, KY

“Two of my main concerns with my practice was a lack of a full schedule and the fact that many of my patients no longer have dental insurance and are postponing treatment.    When I heard of the Quality Dental Plan, I became curious and excited because this might help solve both problems.  I have tried many various promotional activities over the years with limited success, but I can honestly say that joining Dan Marut’s QDP has been the best thing that has happened in years.   I have only been with the plan for one month and have already enrolled 23 patients. It’s really a win-win situation for both the patients and myself.   The extra income has helped me with my cash flow and the patients appreciate all the benefits the plan has to offer, especially in this down economy.   After all, who doesn’t want to save money.   Dan and Samantha are super nice people and are genuinely interested in helping me to make the program succeed.  They have done all the research and have given all the information and necessary templates to integrate the plan into my office routine.   The plan is very simple and easy to implement and Dan and Samantha are readily available to answer any questions.   In short, this has been an exceptional program and I would encourage any dentist to consider the benefits for their practice.” – Robert Wick, DDS – Hayward, CA

“Quality Dental Plan  practically sells itself  to patients. In our area people are struggling economically and are putting off dental treatment because of it. I was looking for a way to help them and fill my schedule. I hate not being able to do the dentistry people need because they cannot afford it. In the first month we enrolled 16 people who might not have been able to afford their treatment. We literally had people walking in off the street to sign up for the plan. Dan Marut has put together a simple turn key program that is easy to  understand and implement. We were up and running the first day. Dan has been very helpful and supportive since day one. I highly recommend Quality Dental Plan to any practitioner who cares about their patients.”- Kevin Fryer, DDS – Willoughby Hills OH

“Quality Dental Plan is a huge win for our clients, and the right thing to do for the dentist. QDP has given my practice a great way to ensure affordable preventive care for our clients who avoid care because they “don’t have insurance”. By giving our QDP patients similar discounts on care that our insured patients receive we have seen many patients get back to routine care. These patients have been very accepting of treatment options and greatly appreciate the care they receive. As well, we have seen many clients drop their insurance coverage completely in favor of this more flexible QDP plan. We have started to see growth in our new patient numbers specifically seeking “a great way to get started” and get back into regular preventive dental care.” – Jeromy Peterson, DDS – Poulsbo, WA

I’ve been getting more and more questions regarding in-house membership plans and their effectiveness and I’m also beginning to hear more success stories from those practices that have implemented QDP in their practices. I’ve actually seen the results in one particular practice, who is also a client of ours: Since implementing QDP in 2009 this client has received approx 1,400 new patients of which 900 have been QDP members, that’s approximately 65 new patients per month of which at least 40 are QDP members. Their practice had not been seeing that kind of new patient growth prior to QDP. The revenue grew more than 5% from 2008 to 2009 (2009 as a partial year for QDP) and their revenue growth should be 12% from 2009 to 2010. Remember, this has not been the best economy our nation has seen! Patients are looking for value and QDP gives the dental practice an opportunity to provide that value and gain long-term loyal “members” as their patients. – Timothy Lott, CPA, Naden Lean LLC

QDP can and will change the conversation with your patients.  It is the beautiful alternative to “No….we don’t participate with ABC Insurance” or “No….we cannot do a cleaning without an examination and necessary xray’s”.  The conversation is not about limitations, but rather what you have put in place to help them either continue to be your patient, or happily join your Practice for the first time.

As someone who is speaking on a daily basis with patients in a variety of dental practices, with different patient demographics, I have a unique perspective on why patients leave a Practice, as well as what helps them make the decision to return, or remain with a Practice.  I am contacting these patients because they have either not returned for recall appointments, or have not scheduled their diagnosed treatment.

Financial issues are, by and large, the #1 perceived barrier.  #2 is a tie- confusion about treatment presented and fear.  The overriding problem is a lack of follow-up, allowing patients to determine for themselves that “I can’t come to your office”.  QDP is easily understood by patients, and they welcome its simplicity.  They are thrilled to hear about it, and for many, it is honestly the single most important thing that gets them back in the door.

I have been working with an incredible dentist who just added this to his service offerings, and I am a true believer.  From a Treatment Coordination/Scheduling and Reactivation stand-point, it is a marvelous tool.   QDP makes a very nice addition to your other payment options, and changes the conversation by moving the patient forward- truly “joining the Practice” by becoming a member of YOUR Dental Plan. Lisa Weber – Practice Management Consultant – Founder and Owner, Production Finder

“In this era of decreased insurance reimbursements QDP can provide an excellent alternative outside of traditional insurance that have limited yearly benefits and administrative hassles.  I remind my clients that half of the population doesn’t have dental insurance so start attracting patients who are looking for an affordable alternative.  I love that it was designed by a dentist who truly understands how to implement this option in proven and practical way.  Because they have included the entire marketing package there’s no need to recreate the wheel.  Dentists can be up and running quickly with all the tools provided while decreasing their dependence on the insurance companies.” – Sandi Hudson President, Drop The PPO


dr-ryan“I have to tell a quick story, one of my QDP members is an older gentleman whose son and daughter finally accepted a treatment plan for him for $4500 of work that they had been putting off for some time.  My front desk thinks it’s the QDP savings that got them to move ahead, so it is exciting to see the plan already bearing fruit! We are on track to grow practice revenues by over 20% in our first year, and QDP has helped with both our case presentation and our case acceptance.” – Ryan Busk, DMD – Okanogan, WA


“We have seen such success with implementing QDP in our pediatric practice here in Portland OR. It has allowed us to offer excellent dentistry at affordable cost to many of our patients who do not have insurance (and that number is growing – particularly since we have many families that run their own business). We have had talks with a couple of business owners about offering QDP for their employees, and were able to offer this program to patients who found us through a Groupon we offered earlier this year. Because all of those patients came to us without dental insurance, QDP was the natural next step to retain their business and meet their children’s treatment needs affordably. I can’t say enough positive things about what Quality Dental Plan can provide to your patients and practice toolbox!” – Michelle Stafford, DDS – Portland, OR

“As a business advisor for dentists around the country I love the impact QDP has had on our practices. Patients see this as a “no-brainer”. From a marketing perspective, it is very easy to implement, and the public relations support from Dr. Marut’s team is amazing. Keep up the great work.” – Vicki McManus – COO Productive Dentist Academy, co-owner of Neighborhood Smiles, WI

“As a consultant, I recommend QDP to clients who are looking to increase new patients as well as boost loyalty and improve recall and case acceptance among existing patients. QDP makes patients feel like they “belong” in your practice — even if they don’t have insurance. The results I’ve seen have been remarkable and in my opinion, QDP brings a whole new level of professional marketing to the independent dentist. Most important is QDP’s turnkey implementation; the marketing support and training from the QDP team makes it easy to put into practice immediately and effectively.” – Naomi Cooper – Chief Marketing Consultant, Pride Institute and President, Minoa Marketing

“As a consultant with many years in the business – I explore every opportunity to help my friends excel in their dental practice. This product offers affordable dentistry to the patients who may not otherwise be able to afford treatment. So it absolutely meets my simple criteria #1 – Good for the patient #2 – Good for business.” – Warren Bobinski, DMDrep/The Everything Dental Guy
“I love that we have an option like Quality Dental Plan to offer our patients! A lot of patients in our area have lost dental coverage. Most people feel that a lack of dental coverage is a roadblock to going to the dentist. QDP gives those patients piece of mind about returning to the dentist. We market QDP all day long in a variety of ways (website, facebook, emails etc) and it’s very popular with our patients. People have come in off the street asking about it-word has definitely gotten around! It’s great for doctors because it creates value, loyalty, and a busy schedule. It’s great for patients because they can get the dentistry they need at an affordable price. Total Win-Win!” – Missy Lapic, President, Next Step Dental Resource – Willoughby Hills, Ohio


“QDP has done the legwork, so why reinvent the wheel? QDP has made the entire process simple for a practice to get stated and move forward. Because QDP was started by a dentist, he knows the ins-and-out of what a practice is needing – every practice may set up what they want to offer with the initial membership including the membership fee…giving complete control to the practice. What more could you ask for? Without reservation I highly recommend Quality Dental Plan.” – Robin Besotes – The Doctor’s Rx – The Doctor’s Prescription for Success

“I am learning that your company and its “customer services” are WAY above what I’ve experienced with any other – and I really, really appreciate that and enjoy working with you.” – Sherrie King – Marketing Project Manager, Southern Heights Dental, MN

“Thank God for QDP.  I like how the psychology of it works.  Guy came in today.  Saw him 5 months ago to recement his crown.  He never came back for COE, FMX, PXS.  He came in today for another problem.  He is now in my hygienist chair, who didn’t have a patient,  for a FMX, PXS, COE.  ANd he needs a RCT, post/core , and a crown.  He will do that since he bought into the program.” – John Faubl, DDS – Huntley, IL