5 Ways Fee-For-Service Plans Can Transform Your Dental Practice

Preferred provider insurance is taking away dentist autonomy and crippling dentist-patient relationships. Take back control by treating more fee-for-service patients with an in-house dental savings plan that is customised to your practice and customers.

Quality Dental Plan’s (QDP) program is the solution.

QDP is not insurance. You set your own fees and your practice collects directly from your patients.

With QDP, your dental practice can:

  1. Build a practice full of loyal, fee-for-service patients without having to join prohibitive preferred provider plans that are making their way into the Australian marketplace
  2. Attract more new fee-for-service patients by providing Australians with special care without overspending on private insurance
  3. Increase revenue by as much as 30% by incentivising patients to not only pay up front for a year’s worth of services, but to keep coming back
  4. Increase treatment acceptance by over 20% since patients are more likely to proceed with treatment knowing they’re getting a “good deal”
  5. Set your own fees and not adhere to an insurer’s rules and regulations for preferred providers

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