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Dental Economics magazineFinding your fee schedule sweet spot

by Naomi Cooper With Special Guest Dan Marut, DMD

Dentistry has often been called a recession-proof business. After all, people always need dentistry, even when money is tight, right? The problem is that most Americans don’t budget for dentistry, and when they find themselves watching their wallets, their twice-yearly dental exams are easy to postpone… Read More >>

dental-economics2Budgeting for dentistry: Five tips to help patients afford the treatment they need

by Naomi Cooper with Dan Marut, DMD

It’s tax time, and many of us have been thinking about our budgets for the past year. Where did all the money go? Why don’t I have anything left in my savings account? Your patients are no different. So is it really any surprise that they never seem to have enough money for dentistry? Read More >>

The Profitable Dentist magazineAssault on Private Practice

by Michael David McGuire

Private practice dentists are having to deal with challenges like never before!. Read the PDF document >>


The Progressive Dentist Magazine

An Alternative to Dental Insurance

by Dan Marut, DMD

Do you or your team ever get questions like, “Can you recommend dental insurance to me? Have you heard patients say, “If I had insurance I would have come in earlier and had this work done” Now there is a solution to handle these concerns – Quality Dental PlanRead More >>

The Progressive Dentist MagazineStepping Up for New Dentists

by Dan Marut, DMD

If you could tell yourself something 10 years ago that you know now, what would you say? Read More >>