Top Marketing Materials

Leverage turnkey marketing tools to reach new patients and grow your practice

Your marketing approach needs to somehow stand out. Your practice is unique, after all.  Your prospective patients just need to know how – in a way that grabs their attention and gives them a reason to act.

Rather than waiting for someone to need dentistry, which many people feel that other needs are more important anyway, give them something that is high on their needs list: the peace of mind that comes with QDP.

You don’t want incremental growth, you want double-digit growth. You don’t want sameness, you want to be original.  You may not want to spend the time to change but you need something new.

This is where QDP can help.

Put the QDP Marketing Tools to Work for Your Practice

Not every dentist offers a practice savings plan that trumps insurance benefit maximums. Studies show that people are motivated by club discounts like those at Costco and Sam’s Club. QDP leverages these proven buyer behaviors, allowing you to offer unique savings programs in your practice that can increase your practice revenue while helping your patients afford the dentistry that they need – without giving up all of your profit in promotional discounts or reduced fees for insurance companies.

QDP’s program gives you a new message, a leg up, and a way to stand out from the crowd.

QDP has also partnered with leaders in dental marketing to leverage proven national advertising techniques with cost-effective forms of marketing that work extremely well in local communities all across the USA.

Techniques include:

  • A consistent national brand identity
  • Customized office brochures
  • Customized local patient postcards
  • Customized local office website
  • Customized social media
  • QDP patient Facebook page
  • A consumer web site – – searchable by your local zip code to direct new patients to your practice
  • A dentist-only web site featuring QDP University – with everything you and your team need to know to put QDP to work for your practice
  • Support from our marketing team for customized needs for your local market, articles for placement in your local newspaper, press release distribution and outreach to local business owners and civic groups

Leverage the Benefits of QDP

Few dentists are armed with ways to save patients money and ways to provide exclusive savings without devaluing dental care, but when you become part of QDP, you become a part of an exclusive group leveraging this turn-key system and support. You’ll be able to take this program to local businesses who are hurting for a way to provide benefits to employees without breaking the bank.