Saving Lives

Spread the message that dentistry is essential AND affordable

When I’m giving talks about the future of dentistry and how to keep private practice private, new dentists ask me why I’m so passionate about dentistry and where Quality Dental Plan (QDP) fits in. I tell them QDP is like preventive dentistry. It’s necessary, straightforward and can keep you from running into some serious problems down the line. I share that I’m passionate about being a dentist because it allows me to make a decent living while improving people’s lives. And QDP allows me to help more people than ever before.

Patient Beliefs About Dentistry

The problem that we’re always going to run up against as dentists is that people don’t realize how important routine preventive care is. Going years without seeing a dentist isn’t a problem in their minds, and if they find themselves without insurance and believe that dentistry is expensive, the majority of Americans are going to choose to skip routine care.

Most uninsured patients operate under the philosophy that they’ll go to the dentist when something goes wrong in their mouths. When they get a toothache or chip a tooth, then they’ll call for an appointment. The problem, of course, is that pain doesn’t always accompany potentially serious problems.

The bacteria that are growing in their untreated mouth could be causing other health complications. They could be contributing to heart disease or diabetes. One disturbing fact: 7 out of 10 cases of oral cancers aren’t detected until the late stages, so even though it’s 90% curable when detected early, it has one of the highest mortality rates of all cancers. Why? I’d venture to say that this is in large part because 50% of Americans don’t have a dentist, and most physicians don’t examine any part of the mouth except the back of the throat.

The Role of Marketing

We already know that when we reach more patients, we keep people healthier. We are creating healthier communities. You know that there are patients out there that desperately need your care, but either they’re unaware of it or are operating under the mistaken belief that they can’t afford regular dental care in your practice. Marketing and promoting that your practice offers options like QDP for people without dental insurance can get more of these patients through your front door.

You never know when you may catch someone on the brink of developing advanced gum disease or some other serious condition. You could literally find yourself saving peoples’ lives. You may not enjoy marketing and advertising, but realize that there’s a greater message to be spread through your ads. You’re not just promoting your services—you’re spreading the word that preventive dentistry is crucial for everyone and that it can be affordable.