Risk-Averse vs. Reward

The Danger of Staying in Your Comfort Zone

I’m assuming that you run a generally happy practice with a healthy revenue base and patients.

I’m also assuming that you’ve lost patients and won them many times before and will again.

Finally, I’m assuming that you’d prefer to find a way to increase your practice revenue that feeds itself and helps you retire early, but want a system where you don’t have to make dramatic changes or implement complicated, hard-to-learn software programs. Am I right?

I think my system, Quality Dental Plan (QDP) is for you, but there’s one thing that’s probably holding you back.

You’d rather continue doing what is working well enough for you than take a chance on something new that could work even better. You’re living in the danger zone of the comfort zone.

Are You Risk-Averse?

There’s no risk in staying the same – you can continue to run your business the way you’re currently running it forever – but there’s also no reward.

There’s no increase in production, case acceptance, loyalty or revenue. There’s no way to entice new patients or engage businesses that need affordable options for dental benefits. There is no way to tap into the 60 million uninsured people who need you, or to speak to the 240 million insured people who need to reduce their expenses.

And If you don’t do something to make this happen, if you don’t take a chance, if you just leave things the way they are now, then NOTHING is going to change. Being averse to risks in your business can carry a hefty price, and in this economy, are you sure you can afford it?

Reap the Rewards of Change

If can’t afford to avoid change any longer, you’re going to love learning how QDP can easily and effectively increase your practice income.

QDP is the name of the system I created for my own practice because I had become tired of offering the same old boring services and discounts, and then being hampered and held back by the insurance system restrictions on patient care.

QDP is the answer to all your questions about how to take what you already do and turn it into something that serves your practice even better. As dentists, we need to focus on our patients.
We don’t have the time to spend experimenting with elaborate new systems. We need something straightforward and smart that produces clear results. And the QDP system is a smart way to leverage your existing business and catapult it forward in a way that you haven’t experienced before.

It’s not a matter of choosing between doing nothing or losing footing and years of time using untried systems that may or may not work. There’s another path, and I can’t wait to share it with you.