Why is QDP the Largest In-House Dental Savings Program in the World?

It’s no secret, QDP is the largest in-house dental savings program in the world. But why are so many dentists taking advantage of QDP?  The benefits speak for themselves!

Dentists who partner with QDP:

  • Treat more fee-for-service patients
  • Decrease their administrative costs – no new software or apps required!
  • Don’t have to share their profits with third parties
  • Can increase revenue while keeping the patient relationship in the practice

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“As a consultant with many years in the business, I explore every opportunity to help my friends excel in their dental practices. QDP offers affordable dentistry to patients who may not otherwise be able to accept treatment. So it absolutely meets my simple criteria: Good for the patient and good for business.”

Warren Bobinsky, DMD

The Everything Dental Guy