History of Quality Dental Plan

Quality Dental Plan, Inc. is a privately held company launched in 2009 by two forward-thinking, in the trenches, dental professionals: Dr. Dan Marut and Samantha Stephens.  Faced with the economic struggles of the times and the constant media attention that insurance benefits are needed to visit healthcare providers, they noticed many prospective patients looking for alternatives to traditional insurance. Without any solutions available that allowed the freedom and flexibility to provide a comprehensive solution that benefited both patients and the practice, the pair began extensive research and testing of a dental savings plan that lasted 3 years before officially launching Quality Dental Plan nationwide.

Within their first year Quality Dental Plan was present in over 30 states and serving tens of thousands of patients. The result of extensive and research and testing was a formula that allowed dentists to control their own branded savings plan and customize it to fit the needs of their office and community.  Quality Dental Plan creates a win-win for dentists and patients everywhere.

Quality Dental Plan provides dental “benefits” for those without traditional insurance and gives people a compelling reason to visit the dentist. Quality Dental Plan can be used for individuals, families, and as a value-added benefit for employees in local businesses.

Into the Future

Quality Dental Plan is committed to providing dental offices and patients a win-win approach that connects patients without traditional benefits to dentist looking to offer a patient savings plan while preserving the doctor-patient relationship.  QDP continues to create innovative approaches, solve healthcare challenges, and raise the bar of the entire dental profession.