What is Quality Dental Plan?

Quality Dental Plan (QDP) is an innovative approach designed to solve the lack of traditional dental insurance benefits issue faced by millions of people across the country. At QDP we work with dental offices on the local level to create a customized, sustainable approach to increasing access and deliver dental care to those who would normally put off dental treatment due to a lack of benefits. For dentist, QDP gives their offices the ability to offer dental “benefits” that meet the needs of their business model and community. For patients, QDP provides an affordable alternative to the traditional insurance model delivering quality care directly to the consumer. Overall the dentist-patient relationship is maintained.

Is Quality Dental Plan insurance?

Quality Dental Plan IS NOT insurance. Quality Dental Plan provides dentists and dental offices a sustainable approach to offering innovative savings plans to the millions of people without traditional dental benefits. Each QDP member office has complete control over their QDP program.

In what parts of the country is Quality Dental Plan available?

Quality Dental Plan is available in communities big and small, in all 50 states .

How does Quality Dental Plan preserve the doctor-patient relationship?

Anytime a third party is part of any economic relationship, that third party needs to make a profit. In the first three quarters of 2010,the top 10 health insurance companies made a whopping $9.3 billion in PROFITS. When third party companies need to make a profit, it raises the price and costs of that economic model. It is no different in healthcare and at our dental office. Quality Dental Plan allows us to offer savings to patients in-part because the 3rd party is eliminated. The patient relationship stays between the doctor and patient. The way it should be.

What are examples of frustrations felt by dentists and patients in the current traditional insurance model?

Dealing with insurance paperwork and hassles costs our practice and patients, time and money. For example, if a pre-authorization for a specific treatment is sent to an insurance company it can take up to 30 days, if not more, to hear back from them. To add to that, even if they approve the pre-authorization of dental work, they can still deny the claim after the work has been completed. That’s right….they approve a pre-authorization before treatment is started and can then deny it later. You can see how this can be frustrating for patients and dental offices. Because Quality Dental Plan keeps the relationship between doctor and patient, we are able to pass on the savings to our patients while eliminating the hassles of third parties.

Why should a dentist become part of the Quality Dental Plan movement?

By becoming part of the QDP movement dentists are able to provide valuable dental “benefits” to members of their communities who would normally put off dental care. When dental disease is treated early it s long term debilitating effects can be alleviated. This is done using Quality Dental Plan’s proprietary methodology in order to create a customized approach that allows them to offer the QDP patient savings program in a sustainable fashion. Dentists are able to become part of a community’s oral health relationship earlier and thus prevent and treat disease before it becomes more serious and debilitating.