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Dear Colleagues and Clients,

“We are with you.” During these unprecedented times, we are with you and will do all we can to help navigate the unknown journey ahead. I know how you are feeling. Over 10 years ago I was forced to stop practicing dentistry and my dreams of a long prosperous career in our profession came to a screeching halt ending abruptly. I was forced to medically retire and the path in front of me was a complete unknown. I had to give up practicing forever. The psychological aspect of giving up so much of my life for a short-lived career was traumatizing. Eventually, the sun did shine again and I was able to found QDP to help dentists and patients by preserving this trusted relationship increasing access to care for millions. The sun will shine again and you will have the opportunity to practice once more.

Quality Dental Plan (QDP) COVID-19 Relief Plan

As we navigate the current unknowns in front of us, QDP will be pausing all fees and payments for our clients for the next 120 days. There is nothing you need to do to take advantage of this. Continue to offer QDP to your patients. We will be rolling this out for our current clients over the coming days.

We also recommend extending a patient’s plan 120 days if they have not already used their benefits.

Also, any dentist wishing to implement an in-office plan while their practice is on-hold in order to address the coming economic concerns of their patients, will also receive the same offer. Please contact us for help if you fall into this category.

We created QDP to serve the needs of dentists and patients. We are with you during this unprecedented time in history and will get through this together and stronger than before. Our commitment to dentists and patients remains and we look forward to supporting you in growing your business once more.

These are extraordinary times and we will navigate them in the most efficient way possible and give our valued clients what they need to continue to move forward. Our hearts go out to everyone suffering physically, emotionally, and financially.

QDP will continue to lead the way in preserving the relationship between dentist and patient.

I personally wish you courage as you battle the disruption this pandemic has produced. If we can be of any assistance in helping you during this time, please let us know. We wish you and your family well as we all work through this as a profession and as a country.

We’re with you. If you can’t keep the lights on, neither can we.

Dan Marut, DMD
President, Quality Dental Plan

Read the COVID-19 Relief Plan Press Release

Quality Dental Plan (QDP) COVID-19 Relief Plan

Janelle Jones
Quality Dental Plan

Reno, NV—Quality Dental Plan (QDP) has announced a plan to provide relief to dental practices during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Right now many people are hurting: physically, emotionally, and financially. Our colleagues have been asked to close their business for at least 3 weeks putting an extraordinary amount of stress on office leaders and team members. Our plan is to relieve some of this stress and help our profession during these unknown times,” said Dan Marut, DMD, president of QDP.

Quality Dental Plan’s plan of action to help dentists and the profession include:

  • Pausing all fees and payments for our current clients for the next 120 days. Offices continue to offer QDP.
  • Allowing any office interested in implementing QDP to help patients with coming economic concerns the same 120 day relief.
  • Recommending extending plans for patients by 120 days in order to provide more time to use the benefits if they have not done so already.

“We are all in this together and it’s imperative we, not only work through these challenges as a profession, but come out of it stronger. Our clients will be focusing on helping patients in the communities they serve and we want to provide them some relief to do just that during these unprecedented times. I personally wish every dentist courage as you battle the disruption this pandemic has produced. We’re with you. If you can’t keep the lights on, neither can we.”

For more information or to have your questions answered, please visit

About QDP: Dentist founded Quality Dental Plan which provides customized in-office plan solutions for patients without insurance. Since 2009, QDP has worked to preserve the dentist/patient relationship without 3rd party interference. QDP’s customizable solutions work with existing practice management software.

Company Snapshot

Looking for ways to provide the people of his community with dental “benefits,” Dr. Dan Marut co-founded Quality Dental Plan alongside Samantha Stephens with the singular focus of providing people who put off dental care because they lack of traditional insurance with tangible benefits they can use at their local dental office.

After researching and testing the QDP concept for over three years in his own dental office and successfully serving thousands of patients, Dr. Dan Marut and Samantha Stephens officially launched the QDP program nationwide in 2009. It was clear they had created something special. Within its first year of operation, QDP was in use in over 30 states, bringing much needed dental care to tens of thousands of patients in hundreds of communities nationwide and creating a win-win relationship between the dental office and patient. Quality Dental Plan has become the leading source for dentists to sustainably implement a dental savings program in their office and for patients to get benefits they need in order to visit the dentist.

As Quality Dental Plan continues spreading to dental offices and communities across the USA, the mission of QDP remains simple: Assist dentists in creating a sustainable dental office savings program that fits their needs and provide millions without dental insurance with a compelling reason to visit the dentist. In short, create a mutually beneficial relationship between dentists and patients everywhere!

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