Move Towards the Solution

Are you moving away from the problem, or towards the solution?

Do you ever feel conflicted in your practice? Do you acknowledge that there are issues interfering with your success, but aren’t sure how good of a job you’re doing addressing them?

It’s hard to know whether you’re on the right track when you have no idea what the right track looks like.

Dentists approach me all the time looking for methods to improve their practice revenue. They realize there’s a problem and they’re looking for someone who can show them the right steps to take to turn their business around. While I can offer them a few tips, the bottom line is that every practice is unique and the first changes you should implement at your practice may not be the ones the dentist down the road should be making. And the reality is that no one understands the intricacies and unique challenges of your practice better than you do.

Aligning Your Goals with Your Values

Have you ever heard it said that you possess all the answers to your problems – you just need to listen to yourself? When it comes to increasing practice income, we already have all the right answers. The key is just learning to unlock them.

Ask yourself how close you are to the problem and how close you’re getting to where you want to be. Look for ways to adjust your values to be in alignment with where you want to end up.

Realizing Your Path to Success

I wanted a more balanced practice life and more personal freedom. I wanted to stop splitting profit with the insurance companies and needed to leverage my time. So after realizing just how close or far I was from the solution to these problems, I changed the way I ran my business. To decrease my dependence on insurance, I needed to replace it with something else that would provide value for my patients and make sure the dentistry they required was budget-friendly. To leverage my time, I needed systems I could replicate easily, were simple to teach my staff and created sustainable results for my patients. I wanted to set my own fees for my services.

QDP ultimately provided the solution to most of my values assessments. Since then, I’ve learned that most dentists are like me, looking for easy ways to increase their revenue without sacrificing the other things that are important in their career and life. If QDP worked for my practice, maybe it can work for yours, too.