QDP Webinar Series

We continue to seek out the best and brightest in the dental industry to provide you with the education and resources you need to build and grow a successful practice. As we host the QDP webinar series, you will be able to access the recordings and learn great information to get the most out of QDP and your marketing efforts!

QDP Webinar #1 Social Media 101

There’s a lot of buzz today about social media marketing in dental practices. Many dentists and their team members are asking, “Can social media be effective in building our practice, or is it a fad that takes too much time?” Social media is word-of-mouth marketing online. It increases patient loyalty and is a powerful tool for acquiring new patients.

Some practices are simply jumping on the bandwagon without any real thought about “the why” and without a clear strategy. Quality Dental Plan™ and My Social Practice™ have combined efforts to provide this webinar on Social Media 101. My Social Practice also combines social media tools, content, strategy training and support into fully integrated solutions that helps practices:

What will be covered during this webinar?
1. Attract New Patients
2. Increase Patient Loyalty
3. Achieve Greater Practice Growth & Fulfillment

QDP Webinar #2 Traditional Marketing in a Non-Traditional Mindset


When it comes to Dental Marketing Social Media or Traditional, you need to know the following.

-Know if your dental marketing efforts are working.
-Know how well your dental marketing is working – we will be discussing Dental Direct Mail.
-Knowing if your Dental Office Staff are representing your practice in an effective manner thus securing as many new patients as possible.

During this Webinar and with the help of 123 Postcards, you will know all of these things about your dental marketing efforts!

QDP Webinar #3 Six Steps to Save More Now . . . for Life After Dentistry

The ADA’s 2010 Survey on Retirement and Investment suggests that dentists are seriously challenged with making their retirement all that they wish it to be. Join us for a FREE no-nonsense 30 minute webinar and learn new strategies for 2012 that might forever change the way you approach building your practice & retirement.

What are critical practice numbers to monitor and why
How to improve cash flow for predictable, consistent savings
Defensive strategies to protect portfolios in a volatile stock market
How dental Accounting should be designed – and why it matters
Why most Associates don’t become partners – and how to fix it

Four Quadrants Advisory were dental guys before they were financial guys. Founded to help dentists save more money instead of chasing returns, Four Quadrants offers fee-only asset management & financial planning, custom transitions, and tax & accounting – exclusively for dentists.

Steve Steinbrunner taps 20 years of dental industry experience to form a unique retirement perspective that finally ties it all together.

QDP Webinar #4 Hygiene: Part 1 – Make your Hygiene department P.O.P. ‘P’atient care ‘O’rganizational structure ‘P’rofitability

Make your hygiene department P.O.P. ‘P’atient care ‘O’rganizational structure ‘P’rofitability

1. Define P.O.P. and how it relates to a maximally successful dental hygiene department
2. Simple steps to assess effectiveness of your periodontal protocol: patient care by the numbers
3. The six areas that make up hygiene productivity: keeping your focus
4. What’s new in 2012: the future of periodontal care is NOW through salivary diagnostics

QDP Webinar #5 Hygiene: Part 2 – Make your hygiene department P.O.P ‘P’atient care ‘O’rganizational structure ‘P’rofitability: Effective protocols

Make your hygiene department P.O.P. ‘P’atient care ‘O’rganizational structure ‘P’rofitability

1. Define P.O.P.. and how the maximally successful dental hygiene department is directly related to effective written protocols
2. Six key protocols: what, why, and how
3. Creating ownership and thus long term follow through: protocols that ”keep on keeping on”

QDP Webinar #6 Communications: The Art of First Impressions

Quality Dental Plan is excited to have Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow, MBA, president of AIM Dental Marketing as he provides an overview of The Art Of First Impressions©.

Attendees will gain insight on how to:

– ESTABLISH rapport
– CONVEY empathy
– EXUDE enthusiasm
– MINIMIZE “the visual gap”
– IMMUNIZE against “the self-fulfilling prophesy trap”
– TAKE FIRM CONTROL of the conversation
– CHOOSE AND USE proper verbiage

and much, much more!

QDP Webinar #7 STAY OUT OF JAIL: THE TOP CODING ERRORS with Dr. Charles Blair


Based on several thousand dental practices studied, these common problems were identified:

• Consistent Coding Errors
• Clinical Protocol Issues
• Potentially Fraudulent Activities

Coding and fee positioning errors are predictable in today’s dental practice. Learn the top coding errors and how not to make them! You will also receive new, valuable information on some of the “hot”sections of the CDT code, which you can use to identify and “fix” coding problems that lurk in your practice. Most practices can expect legitimate net increases in cash flow immediately by learning how to do it right.

1. The participant will learn through predictive error correction, how to avoid typical coding errors.
2. The participant will gain knowledge into clinical protocol sequences.
3. The participant will gain knowledge into fee forgiveness, discounting, multiple fees, etc.

Who Should Attend: Dentists, New Dentists, Staff, Spouses

Lecturer: Charles Blair, DDS

QDP Webinar #8 5 Steps to End Micromanaging and Increase Staff Self Accountability.

5 Steps to End Micromanaging and Increase Staff Self Accountability.

Further explanation of these 5 points with specific action plans can bring accountability to each member of the team. The success of self-accountability starts with leadership that models it. These are 5 of the most common problems told to me by other practice owners. The lack of teamwork, communication and self-accountability in many practices is showing up in the owner’s behavior with micromanaging. Hovering at the front desk, raising their voices, patients leaving the practice because of the negative energy or unorganization.

I will provide a few tools in the hour to give you a road map to change:

1. Teamwork – making it a great experience for each and every patient. Are patients getting forgotten because staff are “too busy”?

2. Staff and supervisors taking ownership and responsibility– self-accountability–how to stop blaming, shaming, denying, avoiding etc…

3. How can you bring the best out of yourself and each other?

4. Communication, the do’s and don’ts. Sometimes it isn’t the skills and abilities that are lacking but the ability to know how and what to communicate and when to patients and each other.

5. Communicate your point in 3-5 sentences or less. Story telling takes too much time, loss of staff production and creates frustration in the staff member who just wants to “GET TO THE POINT”.

Lecturer: Suzanne Robinson

QDP Webinar #9 Cash Flow is King! How New Dental Accounting Can Double Savings for Retirement

Cash Flow is King! How New Dental Accounting Can Double Savings for Retirement

– Discover accounting designed for dentistry, how it maximizes practice cash flow, and greatly improves savings for retirement

– Why only 4 of 100 dentists save enough to have the retirement they dream deserve

– 4 obstacles that prevent dentists from building real wealth

– Learn to balance practice reserves, income, and tax with a plan that ties them all together

– Why commission-free investing and “capital preservation” means everything in a volatile stock market

– Learn how to blend in a transition or partnership with your new custom financial plan

Finally, see how many dentists are increasing savings for retirement by 50% in 12 months, without producing more dentistry. www.4quadrantsadvisory.com

QDP Webinar #10 Reduce/Eliminate Missed Dental Appointments ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Reduce/Eliminate Missed Dental Appointments ONCE AND FOR ALL!

You do NOT have to accept missed appointments in your dental office. Is IS possible to retrain your patients to understand that your appointment time is valuable.

– Learn about the different types of dental appointments and the specific proven strategies to prevent missed appointments.

– Think back to the last month, or even year of your practice….

– How much MORE income would you have had if ALL of your patients showed up to your practice when scheduled?

– How much MONEY did you waste waiting around for patients who never showed?

– How much TIME did you waste trying to find a real solution to this problem?

Missy Fryer has worked in dentistry for 16 years and currently has AT LEAST a 97% patient attendance rate per month in her dental office. This is no accident and it CAN happen for you too! Missy and her entire team are experts at utilizing the QDP system to it’s fullest. Join her to learn her secrets that have propelled her to the top! Do not miss this extremely valuable presentation! http://nextstepdentalresource.com/


QDP Webinar #11 Creating a Consistent Brand – Communicating What Makes Your Practice Unique

Creating a Consistent Brand – Communicating What Makes Your Practice Unique

A dental practice’s brand is what makes it stand out from the pack. It attracts and engages patients who want to connect with you because of who you are and what your practice has to offer.

Any marketing strategy will be flawed if it does not consistently promote and communicate the essence of your brand.

Join Naomi Cooper, President of Minoa Marketing and Chief Marketing Consultant for Pride Institute and learn:

* What is branding and what are the benefits?
* How to create a consistent message in all of your communication
* How to fully utilize your brand in your traditional, online and social media strategies successfully
* How to design your message so that is resonates with your potential new patient base

QDP Webinar #12 A Simple Guide To Understanding Your Team AND Your Patients

A Simple Guide To Understanding Your Team AND Your Patients

Personal style differences within your staff can create havoc in your workplace. Personal style differences can also result in lower patient acceptance rates of your treatment plans. Want to turn both of these problems into opportunities for office harmony and increased treatment acceptance and revenue?

Learn how to quickly assess, evaluate and behaviorally flex with your employees and patients in this exciting 1 hour webinar.

Topics include:

O The 4 Personal Styles

O How to Work with and “Sell” each Style

O Compatible and Difficult Style Combinations

O It’s Not Your Style That Matters, Only Your Ability to Behaviorally Flex

O How to “Be in Sync” (not the singing group) With Everyone

This webinar will be presented by Dr. Tom Steiner, nationally noted, EnterTRAINer (Ph.D. plus stand-up comic.) This fast-paced, FUN, interactive session will feature practical ideas that can be implemented almost immediately. Dr. Tom is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant. He currently works with several doctors and their staff on creating effective, efficient and profitable workplaces. These offices have seen major improvement in their case acceptance ratios. He offers over 150 presentations and trainings annually.

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