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Next Step Dental ResourceNext Step Dental Resource
No shows, missed appointments, or brokens…. No matter what you call them they all mean a loss of time and money for your dental office. To be able to reduce missed appointments is to understand the purpose of a dental visit. Whether it’s a new patient, a hygiene patient, or a current patient who needs treatment, we have ACTUAL solutions that train patients to respect YOUR office and YOUR time.
Frustrated with new patients who don’t show? We have an answer for that!
Tired of current patients who don’t show because they haven’t paid? We have an answer for that too!
Take charge of your practice! Give your front desk the tools necessary to confidently interact with your patients all while reducing no shows!

Everything you need to is available RIGHT NOW on the Next Step Dental Resource website for immediate download! Learn from the comfort of your own home!

For our Member Dentists: A Unique Program – ScripsNow In-Office Medication Dispensing provides the following benefits to your office:

Ø Increases office profitability by $20,000 – $40,000 a year [based on specialty and/or number of dentists]
Ø Improves patient satisfaction and medication compliance
Ø Saves the patient a trip to the pharmacy

Quality Dental Plan has entered into a relationship with ScripsNow that that allows us to offer our contract dentists their most commonly prescribed medications at negotiated prices not available to non-member offices.

ScripsNow offers the following benefits:

Ø Office can earn as much as $10 to $15 per prescription based on medication dispensed
Ø There are no contracts to sign, no start-up fees, and the doctors define their own formulary, and when they re-order
Ø The medication is the same as your patients receive at their local pharmacy. All are pre-packaged to meet the specific needs of the patient, hermetically sealed and labeled, including practice information and patient instructions
Ø All medications are at least 12 months from expiration
Ø Program eliminates the need for insurance, and is a 100% cash transaction
Ø Provides the ability to reduce lost chair time due to untreated infections
Ø All medications are shipped within 24 hours after receipt of the order, and at no charge if the order shipped by ground and exceeds $250

If you would like more information about ScripsNow and how it can enhance your practice, please visit scripsnow.com, call toll-free at (877) 793-6733, or email us at sales@scripsnow.com.

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