Massive Practice Mistake #5: Expecting patients know what services you provide

Shifting focus to the solution to, not the problems with, your patients

Consider these very common statements that I hear as a QDP consultant to dentists:

  • “Patients are finicky.”
  • “Patients are hard to please.”
  • “They don’t understand that I’m not affiliated with their insurance company.”
  • “Patients don’t have money for costlier treatment.”
  • “My patients go elsewhere for services I provide, and I don’t know why.”

What do all these complaints have in common?

They’re expressing frustration at the patient instead of looking for an active solution. Patients are patients. There’s no power in wishing they were different. Your power comes from your ability to change your own thoughts and actions when it comes to your practice.

I can give you a course of action. I can help you understand buyer behavior. I can share with you my methods of increasing practice revenue. I can help you discover how to run your business effectively, instead of repeating what you’ve been doing to diminishing returns.

I cannot change the patients, the economy or which way the wind blows. In other words, I can give you only the tools to change the one thing you can change: Your practice’s marketing system and product offerings.

With Quality Dental Plan, you’ll get a course of action that’s easy to implement and can increase case acceptance and practice revenue in a way that doesn’t disrupt your existing business. You’ll be able to understand and therefore accept the more intangible aspects of marketing and selling dentistry.

My plan takes what you already know, along with the results you’ve already achieved and helps you to increase your revenue step-by-step. You’ll learn why buyers buy the way they do, what the top retailers understand about selling and how this can be applied to running a dental practice. You’ll learn what to change, what to keep and why. You’ll see case studies of how other practices have used the QDP system to transform their business. You’ll discover what kind of experience causes patients to refer their friends and family to you and how to capture patients by attracting new employers too.

With the insight you’ll receive from QDP, you’ll be informed, empowered and ready to start changing your course of direction, so you can get back to doing what you really love – being a dentist.