Massive Practice Mistake #4 : Believing marketing is just for sales organizations

Dentists must at once be both skilled technicians and smart business owners

Have you looked for ways to increase your practice income, but wasn’t sure what would work? Do you think selling is just for retailers? Or is it the opposite? Do you feel awkward and embarrassed that you don’t know more about sales and marketing? Are you at a loss as to what is the best way to market your business? Are you annoyed that in spite of all the classes you’ve taken and books you’ve read, you still can’t figure out this whole marketing thing?

Owning a Dental Practice – Turns Out It’s Way More than Practicing Dentistry

You’re not the only one with questions about marketing. While you are a dentist running a dental practice, you are also a solopreneur and it’s on you to wear all the hats and possess the needed skills for everything you do. That’s hard to do when you’ve got no models for how to do it right. What’s frequently overlooked is that negative experiences create much of our worldview, and we’re apt to draw false conclusions because of them. If you’ve tried a marketing system in the past that hasn’t worked out, you’re likely to say that all systems don’t work. Worse, you would be less likely to try the right system just because your previous experiences haven’t panned out.

The question is, if patients don’t know you, your business or the services and unique programs you provide, how will they know to come to your practice? They won’t, and could end up going to a less reputable dentist down the street. So what’s the solution? Well, it exists inside your practice now. You just need to see where.

The Solution:

Open up. Get away from this idea that marketing is only for retailers, not for professionals. Drop your assumptions about what you think you know. Recognize what you’re great at, and for the things you’re not strong in, obtain expert help. Embrace innovation. Consider sales and marketing in a new light with a new perspective. And learn how implementing marketing programs can benefit you and your patients.