Let QDP Do the Hard Work for You

Leverage our years of research into real growth for your practice

It seems like more and more people are becoming insurance driven these days. I’m sure you and your team have heard people express these concerns multiple times: “Do you offer dental insurance?” “If I had dental insurance I would get that crown done.” “If I had dental insurance I would have come in sooner.” “Can you do anything for me? I don’t have dental benefits.” These and many other insurance and cost concerns are voiced by patients every day. This insurance-driven mentality has become the new normal.

Imagine if you could offer patients an alternative to dental insurance? Imagine if you could customize a dental plan, which provided this large segment of the population with benefits created by you in a sustainable way for your practice? As a dentist, you deserve to be in complete control of the doctor-patient relationship without 3rd party interference.

Our Fresh Approach = Your Competitive Edge

At QDP, we take a fresh approach and re-engineer the traditional insurance “benefit” model of practice. We are dedicated to creating sustainability in your practice and offering a lasting solution to the hassles of the insurance–driven marketplace.

We worked for over three years, taking a forensic approach to develop, test, and refine the Quality Dental Plan program. Since launching our company, we continue to receive terrific responses from dentists and patients alike. Many docs across the USA have joined QDP in our breakthrough approach and are seeing amazing success with it. It’s a fantastic way to grow the fee-for-service portion of your practice. That’s because our program gives people in your community a compelling reason to visit your office and accept treatment by offering them a customized savings plan for your practice through QDP.

Proven Results You Can Rely On

QDP is more than just an in-house dental plan. It’s a complete consumer-driven system for getting patients into your office, accepting treatment, and referring many, many others. Quality Dental Plan gives your office the opportunity to see many people who would normally put off dental care. Essentially, we give you a straightforward approach to creating, implementing, maintaining, and marketing an in-office patient benefit system that spells everything out for you, from how to set a pricing structure and who to offer it to, to legal considerations, sign-up forms, team training and all promotional materials and designs. We give you an easy–to–follow recipe and from there, unlimited support along the way from our QDP client services team.

QDP works because all of the pieces of the puzzle have already been thoroughly tested and optimized in real life dental practices to make sure everything works together for maximum effectiveness. The bottom line is that we have done all of the hard work so you don’t have to.

Quality Dental Plan works – extremely well. And we’ve done the necessary research and legwork to develop turnkey tools that you can easily implement in your practice. You can finally give your patients the “value” they are looking for, and feel good having an increased ability to treat more patients in your local community. Put QDP to work for you today.