How QDP Can Help AU

How QDP Can Help

Quality Dental Plan is an in-house dental extras plan which helps you appeal to the growing numbers of Australians not covered by traditional dental insurance.

This allows your practice to offer dental care which is both high-quality and affordable, while increasing revenue and cutting your costs. You also stay in complete control of your fees and treatment.

  • You set fees that make sense for your practice
  • Eliminate insurance headaches
  • Make it easier for patients to accept treatment
  • Boost revenue
  • Collect payment up front
  • Simplify your marketing
  • Reduce practice overheads

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“We commenced Quality Dental Plan today.Sophie organised coloured balloons in the waiting room,front entrance and car park. Five patients already signed up, six are phoning back and overall positive response !”Dr Ron Fulop – Mitcham Dental Clinic, Mitcham Victoria

Webinars and up-to-the-minute marketing tips

One of the powerful benefits of being a QDP Member dental practice is comprehensive access to our training tools. Powerful Webinars bring the best and latest information designed to enhance your work practices, increase your advertising reach and get you up to date with the huge potential of social media and digital marketing when promoting your company.

Get a taste of this potential by sampling the webinar below.

This is a great example of the power of the QDP system in action. Having worked in dentistry for 16 years, this featured dentist currently has AT LEAST a 97% patient attendance rate per month in her dental practice. With the right training and knowledge, this is achievable in your practice too. Discovering the valuable secrets of dentists currently optimising the QDP system is a fast, effective way to transform your own work practices, win new patients and increase treatment take-up.