How QDP Benefits Dentists

A tried-and-true system for dentists to run their practices the way they choose to.

QDP member dentists remain in control of their own practices, choosing their own QDP enrollment fees, setting their own fee schedules, and keeping 100 percent of what they collect.

There are a number of key changes that I’ve seen occur after a dental practice begins offering QDP to their patients. First, word of mouth referrals increase because of the excitement QDP creates among patients. Next, new patient value increases because case acceptance goes up. Recall intervals begin to tighten up and revenue increases. Collections increase because more services are paid for in advance to take advantage of member discounts. Predictable, recurring annual revenue is created so cash flow improves. Patient loyalty is fostered, and both referrals and long-term patient value increase dramatically as a sense of belonging and value are created in the practice.

Turnkey Solutions for Dentists

At the end of the day, an in-office plan has huge benefits to a practice, but implementing one on your own takes a lot of time and focus – resources that frankly, are better spent on patient care and running the practice. It took me three years of experimenting, learning and refining to figure out how to make this plan run seamlessly. By working with QDP, dentists get to eliminate all that trial and error and leapfrog ahead to a tried-and-true system that is customized for their individual practices.

As a result, QDP member offices can skip the time, money and energy that I invested creating web sites, consulting legal counsel, crafting advertising and marketing materials, conducting market research, hiring copywriters, designers and public relations professionals, and soliciting feedback from patients. Instead, QDP is a turnkey solution that can be utilized right away, while they use their own time, energy and expertise to treat patients.

Simple Implementation for Any Practice

The other benefit of working with QDP is the extensive suite of resources we provide. We provide a comprehensive implementation guide, including checklists with all the steps dentists need to get started, as well as live training and video tutorials.  In short, QDP lets dentists easily implement a plan proven to increase revenue, loyalty and collections without taking time away from patient care or free time away from the office.

In the years since I first created QDP, my team and I have constantly refined, tweaked and honed this program. Essentially, we’ve done all the homework and research so other dentists don’t have to. From implementation to team training to our NEW local “Business Enroll” feature, we can help other dentists put a customized savings program in place in their practice from top to bottom, quickly and efficiently, and we cover all bases to ensure QDP is a success in every practice that implements the program.