“How I Eliminated Insurance Headaches in My Practice”

Are you tired of the increasing influence that insurance companies have on your dental practice? Thinking of implementing an in-house dental savings plan, but not sure if it’s right for your patients, or your bottom line? You’re not alone.

That’s why more dentists are turning to Quality Dental Plan (QDP). One of the first of its kind, QDP is an in-house dental savings plan that was specially developed in 2001 by dentist Dr. Dan Marut. When he realized the immense success he was having with the plan in his own practice, he became determined to share his experience with other dentists across the country.

QDP dramatically changed Dr. Marut’s practice, and here’s how it can change yours too:

  • Increases treatment acceptance by over 20%
  • Improves patient loyalty
  • Reduces third party interference
  • Attracts more fee-for-service patients
  • Boosts revenue by as much as 30%

Hundreds of dentists across the country have partnered with Quality Dental Plan. Are you ready to experience the benefits in your office? Fill out the form to learn more about QDP today.