Implementing a new system in your practice and taking the necessary steps to move the practice forward is important for practice growth; however it is not a decision to be made lightly. Before choosing which IOP is right for your practice, make sure it is also right for you. Ask yourself the following questions before committing to a program:


An IOP can be an avenue for increasing practice revenue, but the payment schedules can vary between programs. Would you prefer to customize your own plan, or do you want to follow the rules of another vendor?

With Quality Dental Plan (QDP), dentists choose how they prefer to charge their patients: a one-time annual charge, or to collect monthly payments with an option for deposits. However, with other IOPs, customization is limited. Monthly payments are required, with no pay in full option and/or no deposits.


Any IOP company should be able to help you create a plan, but not all charge reasonable fees. When it comes to your costs, would you prefer a simple up- front flat fee, or would you rather pay monthly management fees, and royalties? Some take 5-15%.Others $4/patient PER MONTH! One collects a 9.5% management fee PLUS 4.5% collection fee PLUS $0.85 royalty fee…per patient! BE SURE AND DO THE MATH!!

Signing up patients to your IOP can be done very successfully. Many offices are signing up 15 to 20 or more per month! It’s easy to get 500 patients enrolled in your IOP. This is not lost on IOP corporations charging large fees to your office. Using the one company who charges $4/patient/per month as an example. See how much it adds up below:

200 patients @ $4/patient/month = $800/month or $9600/year

300 patients @ $4/patient/month = $1200/month or $14,400/year

500 patients @ $4/patient/month = $2000/month or $24,000/year

That’s a lot of money! These companies charging exorbitant fees will downplay and say the patient is paying the fee but if you are not collecting it, you are losing it! That’s money you could keep in your own pocket!

Now, that is just one part of the fee calculation. Do you know what “effective processing rate” is? Many companies will charge you a 2.25% processing fee with a $0.30 swipe fee for example. That swipe fee can add about a full percent onto your processing rates making an effective processing rate of 3.25%. It pays to know your numbers and understand you have options. QDP offers an industry low 2.6% flat processing rate. Paired with our industry best $0.83 per patient fee and you have math that works in your favor compared to our competitors!

With QDP, your fee is simple and affordable. An industry low of $0.83/patient per month with an effective processing rate of only 2.6%.


Do you use a separate software to track your crowns, filings, and book appointments separately? Of course not! Would you like to use your own practice management software (PMS) to manage your IOP? Your team uses your PMS daily and their workflow is organized around it.

QDP provides the opportunity to use your PMS software keeping admin all in one place. Virtually any PMS can be set up effectively to track your patients. What about automated payments and recurring monthly plan payments? We have an easy to use automated billing component allowing for payment arrangements from full annual plan fee, monthly recurring payments, and the ability to take deposit. Some offices like the idea of taking a deposit to minimize losses from non-payment.

Marketing Support

An important part of running an efficient dental practice is having a marketing strategy in place and functioning at full capacity. Would you be interested in an IOP that also provides you with a full suite of customizable marketing materials, at no additional cost?

QDP members are given access to a full host of high-quality QDP patient marketing templates that can be customized for the practice, including but not limited to: print advertising, online and social media advertising, television and radio ads, on-hold messaging, posters and postcards.

Ongoing Training

Whenever a new system is implemented into the practice, questions will arise. What type of support are you looking for

a complete course during implementation, including marketing and verbal skills training, along with ongoing online and telephone support? Or will a brief orientation suffice?

With QDP, offices have unlimited access to personalized training that far surpasses any other program. QDP assists with start-up from the very beginning, offering not only implementation support but marketing and verbal skills training for the doctor and team as well as ongoing online learning. New member dentists

are provided with written materials with easy to follow checklists as well as handouts from the experts so that you are aware of all of the ins and outs of creating a successful savings plan for your practice. Other plans offer no more than a 20-minute initial telephone orientation or a rudimentary telephone help line.

New Opportunities – Business Enroll

Offering an IOP to your patients is a proven way of increasing patient referrals. Is your goal to simply gain more word of mouth traction, or would you like to have a genuine system for not only growing your practice, but improving the overall health of your entire community?

Local businesses are in dire need of a more cost-effective method of providing dental health benefits to their employees. With QDP, dentists have access to our Business Enroll feature. Using Business Enroll, your office hands off the heavy lifting of figuring out employee benefit programs, legalities, and accounting. Refer us to the local business and we can get them set-up with an IOP that make sense for them and at no cost to you. None of the competition can say the same.


Founded in 2009 by a dentist for dentists, QDP has been in the dental savings plan industry longer than any other IOP company in business today. Would you rather place your faith in a company that has over ten years of proven experience or a company that was recently created by venture capitalists and private equity looking to make a quick buck off dentists?

QDP has worked with thousands of dentists across the USA to develop successful plans. After all we started the IOP concept long before corporate interests looked to make inroads into your practice! We know what works and what doesn’t.

By A Dentist, For Dentists

The dental industry is a very specific industry, and unlike any other out there. Only fellow dentists can truly understand the stresses of practicing dentistry while operating a successful practice. Likewise, only fellow dentists understand the unique relationships dentists forge with their patients over the long term. QDP was founded by

a dentist, for dentists and remains a privately held company. Would you rather be in business with someone who understands where you’re coming from because they’ve been there too, or are you comfortable partnering with a venture capital-backed corporation?

In March of 2020, we implemented our COVID-19 Dental Office Relief Plan. With dental offices being forced to close their doors, QDP responded by saying, “We are with you. If you can’t keep the lights on, neither can we.” We suspended payments for our colleagues providing relief while closed.

Choosing to offer an IOP can yield lasting positive results on your practice. Taking the time to conduct thorough research into all of your options helps ensure you choose the right plan for your practice — and your patients.