Dental Plans vs Insurance: What’s in It for the Dentist?

In our last very popular article, we talked about the benefits of dental savings plans for your patients. If you’re wondering what’s in it for you, the dentist – as well as for your fees, collections and production – here are some of the ways an in-house savings plan like Quality Dental Plan (QDP) can also be good for the dental practice.

qdp-slider4-edit1. Set Your Own Fees – Unlike insurance, with in-house savings plans, you set your own fees, and more importantly, you don’t have to adhere to arbitrary fee schedules set by third parties.

2. Recurring Revenue – In-house savings plans like QDP incent patients to prepay for all of their preventive care at the beginning of the year, so your practice is insulated from economic ups and downs. Plus, when patients have paid upfront, you can be sure they’ll come in for their prophys and annual exams on time.

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3. Improved Collections – With an in-house dental savings plan, you won’t wait 30 days to get paid by a third party. Instead, your practice collects directly from your patients in advance of treatment. Imagine that!

4. Attract More Patients – Did you know some patients think they have to have dental insurance to be seen in a dental practice? You can thank our friends the MDs for that one; many patients mistakenly believe that dental insurance works just like medical insurance. But with a dental savings plan like QDP, you can help patients without insurance feel like they belong in your practice – especially those who have put off care because of a perceived lack of coverage.

5. Increase Production – Dental savings plans are kind of like a Costco membership for your practice. You buy that 114 oz. vat of ketchup even though you only need a 12 oz. bottle, right? Why? Because your feel like your club membership has unlocked a special level of savings and value that you otherwise couldn’t access. A dental savings plan does the same thing for your patients when it come to dental care, enabling them to say “yes” to more preventive, restorative and cosmetic procedures.

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