Creating Value In Dentistry

Make Your Practice an Attraction-Based Business

How do you create value in an established, somewhat static industry like dentistry? And where is there room for innovation? My hunch is that you suspect where at least some improvements can be made in your practice, but how can you be expected to experiment with large changes to your business?

After all, if it doesn’t work out, it could be disastrous, right?

Understanding Your Patients

Fortunately you shouldn’t have to experiment much if you just pay attention to the needs of your patients and understand that buyers react to different things today than they did a decade ago.

In other words, they want to be a part of something special that they haven’t experienced before. They may be satisfied with less, but don’t mistake that for loyalty. If what you provide in your practice is the exact same experience that every dentist provides, then you can expect to lose your patients the moment one of their friends tells them about another dentist in the area who does things differently.

So how do you stand out from the pack? Transform from simply being a service provider to running an attraction-based business.

Revolutionize Your Practice

An attraction-based business is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a business where success is driven by the attraction people have to it. Starbucks is an attraction-based business. Krispy Kreme is attraction-based. These businesses provide more than just coffee and donuts. They provide an entire experience that people are attracted to.

The same strategy can easily work for dentistry. You just need to find out what patients find attractive about dentistry. And believe me, there ARE things that attract them to dentistry. Our problem is that very few of us are providing them!

Give Your Patients a Reason to Come Back

The number one reason patients give for choosing dentists on the QDP program is that they find their practices to be profoundly more appealing than other dental practices they had experienced. The QDP practices stood out by offering their patients something they couldn’t get at other practices. As a result, the patients’ perception of the entire experience of going to the dentist was improved.

Creating value for your patients when they are in your practice will give them the perceived notion they are getting something different, and better, than they would get with any other dentist. This fosters loyalty in your patients, and keeps them coming back, and referring new patients, on a consistent basis.