Benefits of QDP

Reinvention is easier than you think…

I talk to a lot of dentists each year. But what I find really fun is when I get a call from one of my old friends from dental school who hasn’t spoken with me in a while. Often they don’t realize that I founded QDP or even know what the program is.

I’m always curious about how their practices are doing. I’ll ask them what they’re doing at their practice to attract more patients and grow their revenue. If they’re doing anything at all, it’s usually the same sort of things all dentists tend to do: direct mail discounts, Yellow Pages, websites, maybe a dental referral service. More often than not, my friends don’t seem like they’re very happy with the results. When I ask them what sort of problems they’re having, here are a few of the responses I’ve received:

  • My market’s saturated and I’m having trouble growing my practice.
  • My overhead is increasing, but my practice revenue is dropping.
  • Treatment acceptance is way down.
  • Insurance fee schedules are low.
  • My collection costs are up.
  • I can’t seem to get consistent results with my marketing.

These are very different problems, but underneath them all lays a very simple and understandable concern: Reinventing a dental practice is difficult and complicated.

The reality is that nothing could be farther from the truth!

Innovative Solutions, Simple Implementation

With QDP, you can solve all of the above problems without making big changes to the way that you do business. QDP allows you to offer your community exclusive savings on dental services they cannot get anywhere else.  But unlike insurance, you set the fees – and you keep the all the profit. It puts the “private” back into private practice while giving you something unique to offer your patients and community. And best of all, you can do it without making complicated changes to the way that you run your practice. QDP was designed to work within the management system you’re already using.

I created QDP when I found myself struggling with the same problems that my friends from dental school are struggling with. Since adopting it, my practice has increased its revenue by over 30% and I’ve been able to drastically decrease my dependence on PPOs without experiencing a drop in my business. I’ve also been enjoying my days at the office much more now that I no longer have to deal with insurance headaches.

Designed by a Dentist, For Dentists

QDP was specifically designed by a dentist with the help of other marketing experts to help dental practices dramatically improve their business by giving you a simple and straightforward way to:

  • Increase Practice Income/Build Value
  • Increase Revenue/Decrease Overhead
  • Local “Business Enroll”
  • Attract New Patients
  • Set Your Own Fees
  • Improve Treatment Acceptance
  • Tighten Recall
  • Reduce Insurance Hassles
  • Reduce Collection Costs
  • Supply an Affordable Employee Benefit for Local Businesses
  • Create Top Marketing Materials
  • Receive Unlimited Plan Support
  • Easily Implement the Plan

QDP members have practices as diverse as you can imagine, from big-city, high-end cosmetic practices to small town family practices. They’re all different, and the same can be said about their practices. Yet all of them have had success with QDP. Forget any fears you may have about reinventing your practice. No matter what problems you’re currently facing, QDP makes achieving greater dental practice success simple. Join the QDP movement today!