An Alternative to Patient Discounts

How are the same-old promotions working for your practice?

Have you ever really looked at how much your new patient discount is costing you? It’s more than you might think.

Times are changing and today, consumers are looking for value. Discounts, free whitening and free electric toothbrushes just don’t get people in the door like they used to.

On the other hand, Quality Dental Plan is an all-inclusive membership program for your practice that your patients will see as high value rather than simply low cost. QDP shows you exactly how to bundle your services into a pre-paid membership program that’s a win-win for you and your patients — rather than simply discounting the value of your new patient visit.

Patient Discounts – What Do They Cost You?

A new patient special costs you more than you know and is probably the worst way to engage a new patient. Why?

  1. Everybody else is doing it
  2. It’s not unique
  3. It’s not an enticement
  4. It offers no motivation for the patient to come in more than once

But it’s pretty standard in our industry, as we all know. Thousands of dentists across the nation are doing it…and in the process, they’re losing opportunities to increase their revenue and build patient loyalty.

Have you thought about how many of these new patients don’t return? Discount shoppers don’t tend to be very loyal. If they came to you for a discount, chances are they’ll also leave you for a discount. Their loyalty shifts like the direction of the winds.

The bottom line is that any discounts you offer strictly to bring someone into the office are costing you.

Give Patients What They Want

Which offer is more attractive to the consumer – the one-time discount, or an annual benefits program like QDP? Which offer brings patients back to your office for another visit? Which offer allows you and your team more interaction with your patients? Which offer builds loyalty? A one-time visit or an opportunity to come again and again for less than what the patient is spending on insurance now? Hint: it’s not the new patient one-time discount.

Quality Dental Plan is seen as a high-value benefit by people who are tired of spending a fortune on yearly insurance premiums for their families. Consumers like the idea of memberships and the benefits that come with them. QDP shows you how to effectively and profitably provide the patients in your area with the sort of long-term value that they want.

Offer your own dental savings plan. Keep all the money. Turn that “discount” and “free service” into money that stays in your pocket. And take back control of your practice once again.