About QDP AU

About QDP

A complete system with proven results for your dental practice

Too often patients tell us that they’d have come in sooner – if only they had insurance which covered their dental needs.

We wanted to create a system which caters for the large number of Australians without dental extras cover while offering a sustainable program for Australian dental practices.

QDP offers a complete solution. Patients are given a smart alternative to dental insurance and dentists are given the opportunity to create cost-effective, customised dental plans which suit a wide variety of people and budgets.

The QDP Approach: Seamless and Systematic

It took us 3 years to develop, test and refine the Quality Dental Plan program. Since launching our company, we continue to receive terrific responses from dentists and patients alike. It’s a great way to grow the fee-for-service portion of your practice, giving people a compelling reason to choose you and go ahead with treatment.

QDP is more than just an in-house dental extras plan. It’s the smartest way to bring in new patients, encourage them to accept treatment and ensure that they refer their friends, family members and colleagues. Quality Dental Plan gives you the opportunity to treat many patients who would normally delay or avoid dental care.

Our system gives you a systematic approach to creating, implementing, and maintaining an in-house patient benefit scheme. QDP provides a user-friendly, easy to follow plan backed by unlimited advice and support from our QDP admin team. QDP works because all the pieces of the puzzle have been thoroughly tested and designed to work together for maximum benefit and perfect fit.

Quality Dental Plan is proven to work. It helps people overcome the barriers to accessing high quality and affordable dentistry in Australia today. The best part is you remain in complete control of all fees and services, with no third party involved. Because people pay you directly to enroll in your dental extras scheme, they have higher motivation to get maximum use of the benefits they’ve already paid for – meaning higher treatment rates for your practice.

Leverage our Marketing Tools

The team at QDP also provides you with marketing know-how. A practice which used our customized press releases, for example, was delighted to win 75 new patients over 3 days! Our innovative system has been featured on CBS, NBC, and a host of other American media outlets. Using the Quality Dental Plan story and benefits, our team works with you to achieve optimum Australian media exposure for you and your practice, a fantastic way of bringing in numerous new patients.
We also provide you with a listing on our Quality Dental Plan website, www.QualityDentalPlan.com. Patients can easily search the site for the nearest QDP practice. The QDP website works to drive patients to call your practice for an appointment and become part of Quality Dental Plan and its benefits. You can even find us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/qualitydentalplan