A Win-Win Proposition

QDP offers all the benefits of dental insurance without any third party headaches

Quality Dental Plan provides an innovative option for your patients on a budget, while also creating value for your services and reducing paperwork, freeing up your front desk to focus on more important things. Your patients will no longer have to wait on pre-authorization before beginning your recommended treatment, and there is no middleman telling you what treatment you can and can’t provide.

Make dentistry affordable again

For many, the cost of dental treatment is keeping them from achieving their optimum oral health. QDP patients have an added incentive to move forward with both preventative and restorative care, at a price that ensures they can afford it.

It’s really a matter of common sense. In this economy, families and businesses are on tightened budgets and are looking to do more with less while eliminating any spending they see as unnecessary.

For individuals and families

Since a QDP member’s patient also receives a substantial discount on dentistry for other family members, there is added incentive for patients to get everyone in the family under your care.

Great employee benefit

Local businesses can offer QDP as part of their employee benefit program. The cost to the employer is minimal, while the benefits to their employees and to your practice are huge! This is a great way to add possibly hundreds of new patients to your practice.

Treatment can begin immediately

No more waiting for benefits to kick in. They start the minute your patients enroll. You’re in complete control of administering the plan.

Patients work directly with you

With QDP, patients work directly with you and your team. Patients can discuss their treatment and options with the freedom to make decisions regarding their care without having to go through an impersonal insurance company who cares little about them or their health. The more patients come to rely on you and your team for oral health advice, the sooner they’ll come to trust you and your team and provide you with valuable word-of-mouth referrals.

Benefits are unlimited

With QDP, there is no cap on benefits, as one would find with most insurance plans. You and your patients will no longer have to wait for insurance payments or authorizations, or wait until the year changes over to continue a treatment plan. Patients will see this as a tremendous advantage, especially when opting for larger, more comprehensive treatment.

Dentistry is hardly unnecessary, but if your patients can put it off, they will. Therefore, it’s crucial that dentistry is presented to them in a compelling way that also reminds them that holding off on their care may not be to their advantage.

Offering prepaid savings plans is effective at creating perceived value for your services because it taps into proven buyer behavior. It gives your patients a simple and affordable way of obtaining preventative care, while all but assuring that they’ll make their recall for as long as they stay members. It builds loyalty within your patient base, attracts new patients, increases case acceptance, reduces reliance on insurance, provides a sustainable source of revenue and puts you back in control of your business.

Adopting a fee-based savings program like Quality Dental Plan can allow you to thrive when other businesses are struggling by creating an arrangement that is a win for both you and your patients. It makes dentistry personal again without sacrificing value for your patients or profitability for you. It’s as simple – and as effective – as that.