7 Ways Dental Savings Plans Help Your Practice Bust the Insurance Mindset

Contrary to what dental insurance companies would have you believe, going in-network is NOT a must when it comes to running a successful practice. So if you’re looking to reduce the influence dental insurance has in your practice – and on your patients – consider new options. And a recent Dawson Academy blog presents a viable solution for dentists: offer an in-house dental savings plan like Quality Dental Plan (QDP).

With QDP, dentists see increases in production and revenue while their reliance on third parties decreases. A dental savings plan like QDP can make notable differences in your practice. Here are 7 examples:

  1. With QDP, patients get access to a year’s worth of preventive care at a reduced cost
  2. There’s no waiting for reimbursement checks since patients pay upfront
  3. Dental savings plans incentivize patients to accept more treatment
  4. Dentists don’t have to worry about claims, maximums or third party interference with treatment decisions
  5. QDP practices that offer dental savings plans report an increase in patient referrals
  6. Dental savings plans give uninsured patients a way to pay for the care they desperately need
  7. 40-50% of patients without dental benefits want a plan and are willing to pay for it

Are you ready to bust the insurance mindset in your practice? Join hundreds of dentists across the country who have already made the same change and are realizing the benefits and freedoms that a dental saving plan like QDP provides. Click here to learn how QDP can transform your office and help you provide care to more patients – with or without insurance.