5 Reasons Fee-For-Service Dental Patients LOVE In-House Savings Plans

Did you know that full-fee patients may not feel completely welcome in your dental practice if they don’t have insurance? Help change their minds – and provide greater access to care in your community – by offering an in-house dental savings plan. In fact, dentists across the country are treating more fee-for-service patients every day thanks to Quality Dental Plan (QDP).

Here are 5 reasons why QDP’s in-house savings plans can work for you too:

1. QDP is NOT insurance. With QDP, there are no third parties. You set your own fees & your practice collects directly from your patients.

2. Your patients can access exclusive savings in your practice, including a year’s worth of preventive care for an up-front annual fee of your choosing.

3. QDP can also help your patients save on restorative and cosmetic care, helping them say “yes” to the dentistry that they want & need.

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4. Offering an in-house dental savings plan like QDP adds value to your services & creates a sense of belonging to your practice – kind of like a Costco membership.

5. People are often surprised to learn that most dentists PREFER fee-for-service patients! QDP can help you reach more of these patients in your community.

At the end of the day, dentists know that their patients deserve a high standard of care regardless of coverage. And patients want to feel like they’re cared for. They want to feel like part of an exclusive family, and an in-house savings plan like QDP makes them feel like they truly belong to your practice.

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