5 Facts Every Dentist Needs to Know About Dental Savings Plans

Are you tired of dealing with the stresses of PPOs? Are your patients delaying – or worse, denying – care because of financial barriers? You’re not alone. And fortunately, there is a solution.

In a new Academy of General Dentistry podcast with Wes Blakeslee, DMD, FAGD, and featuring Dan Marut, DMD, and founder of Quality Dental Plan (QDP), you’ll learn of a new path to practice growth, one that’s free from third party influence: dental savings plans.

By downloading this podcast, you’ll discover:

  • What a dental savings plan is, and how it’s different from insurance
  • How simple it is to establish a savings plan within your office
  • Why savings plans not only attract new patients but help grow your fee-for-service patient base
  • How patients benefit from dental savings plans
  • Why a savings plan like QDP increases treatment acceptance, improves collections, enhances patient loyalty & boosts production

Make it easier for patients to get the dental care they deserve, regardless of cost or insurance coverage. And say goodbye to third party influence. Fill out the form to download this free podcast to find out for yourself how dental savings plans like QDP can make dramatic impacts in your practice.

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