3 Surprising Benefits of In-House Dental Savings Plans

Are you looking to jumpstart your dental practice growth in 2019?

Dentists like you who are looking to boost practice production are realizing the enormous benefits of implementing an in-house dental savings plan from Quality Dental Plan (QDP). Not only does QDP provide value for the growing numbers of patients who may not have insurance but definitely do have disposable income, it also helps dentists:

  • Improve patient retention: When patients pre-pay for a year’s worth of treatment, they’re more likely to come in for regular cleanings and proactively schedule continuing care – keeping your schedule full and productive.
  • Build patient trust: Offering alternative payment options instills in patients a greater sense of trust and loyalty – leading them to more readily accept and follow through with your treatment plan.
  • Generate predictable revenue: Patients pay in full upon signing up, and the plans renew automatically each year, reducing patients’ cost concerns and creating a predictable, sustainable source of cash flow for the practice that gives dentists peace of mind month after month and year after year.

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the form to find out more about Quality Dental Plan, the dental industry’s first in-house saving plan, designed by a dentist, for dentists.