10 Reasons Your Practice Needs an In-Office Plan (IOP) Like QDP

Reduce insurance hassles, increase practice revenue and improve patient care with QDP

 Have you ever wondered how to attract new patients to the practice without spending an arm and a leg on marketing – and without opening your practice up to the hassles of managed care? Would you like to maximize practice profitability by increasing collections and case acceptance? And most importantly, would you like to have a positive impact in your community by enabling more people to feel like they can afford to go to the dentist – without lowering your fee schedule? While there’s no magic bullet solution that can instantaneously put an end to these ubiquitous challenges that every practice faces, offering an in-house patient saving plan, such as Quality Dental Plan (QDP), can make a dramatic impact on your practice in a short time and at minimal cost.

QDP offers its innovative in-office plan (IOP) in dental practices nationwide. QDP is not an insurance plan – rather, it was developed to address the lack of traditional dental insurance benefits for millions of Americans, to help independent dentists attract more new patients in their communities and to help increase production and case acceptance in their practices.

So, what are the ten reasons you should implement a program like QDP in your dental practice?

1. More New Patients

QDP is proven to increase new patient flow. You can offer patients a lower out-of-pocket expense and freedom from insurance premiums, high deductibles and costly co-pays.

2. Increased Collections

Eliminate the losses, delays & hidden costs that come with insurance. With QDP, you set your own fees, receive payment up front and keep 100% of fees collected.

3. Fees

DO THE MATH! That’s our advice. Many companies take anywhere from $3-$5/patient per month for every patient that is part of your plan. Others 5-15%. This is outrageous and adds up quickly. With QDP, you only pay a low $0.83/patient per month fee. Other companies need to pay shareholders, consults that promote them, and private equity loans. You, the dentist, are QDPs stakeholder and our fees reflect that.

4. Professional Marketing

Promote QDP to patients & prospects with customizable marketing materials, including brochures, postcards and online videos, as well as print, radio and TV ads.

5. Competitive Edge

QDP’s “Business Enroll” feature allows you to easily offer local businesses the ability to use your plan for dental benefits. Business Enroll gives you the power of a employee benefit company at your fingertips.

6. Turnkey Approach

We’ve done all the work so you don’t have to. QDP makes it easy to get started with a complete implementation checklist, enrollment forms, FAQs, sample letters & more!

7. Complete Control

Customize a plan that makes sense for your practice. QDP won’t dictate your fees or interfere in practice decisions, and patients deal directly with your office.

8. No More Insurance Headaches

QDP helps keep private practices private; patients save without the cost & hassle of third parties. Say goodbye to reduced fees, claims forms & delayed reimbursement.

9. Dedicated Customer Support

We’re here to help every step of the way – from live training to a full array of materials, helpful hints and best practices. And we offer unlimited support & training!

10.Positive Community Impact

From helping individuals and families without dental benefits to our Business Enroll feature, QDP gives you the tools to revolutionize dental benefits in your community and save people money.

With an in-office plan, patients gain access to care via value-oriented dental services while dentists can simultaneously offer a valuable community service while increasing new patient flow – without increasing their reliance on managed care.